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Laptop wifi signal suddenly weak - Linksys Extender Setup

Laptop wifi signal suddenly weak

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Laptop wifi signal suddenly weak

Most of the persons always post their queries on our website that how to improve the wifi signal strength of the laptops especially if you bought a new laptop. So, if you are among those users, then this blog will be very beneficial for you. Here are the things that will help you a lot

Check for the wifi reception first:

If you bought a new laptop, then it is still under warranty. So, it is quite important that you must call the team of the tech support and let them to resolve your problem. If you are using Ethernet based connection system, then it is pretty sure that your webpage will be loaded easily. If this do not happens then proceed to the option of device manager à uninstall wireless card à make a search for the new devices and reinstall that.

Check for the strength of the signal

If you bought a new laptop, then you must need to return that laptop to your dealer. There is a possibility that there is bad network card present in your laptop.

Other couples of things that you need to check are

Make sure that you have the latest drivers of wifi are installed on your laptop.

Check for the configuration of the router that you are using in your new laptop. Check for the configuration, you must be using 20MHz.

Check for your USB antennas whether they need to be improvement or not

Have maintenance of your wifi software from the authorized dealer of your brand and visit the website of Linksys range extender login

So, at last we recommend you to visit to your authorized dealer as soon as possible and get your money that you have invested on your laptop returned. You can also have the right solution of your problem from them. So, get to them now!

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